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Newberry Home Improvement proudly extends its exceptional services across an expansive region, encompassing a spectrum of cities between South Carolina and North Carolina.

A Product Warranty Is Only As Good As The Labor Warranty

We have all heard stories like this many times. The contractor did the work and the homeowner finds a manufacturing defect in a product. Neither the company nor the contractor saw it during the installation process. In most cases, the manufacturer wants to receive the defective product before replacing it. The replacement is sent back to the contractor, who then presents the homeowner with a bill for their time. Wow!

Our suppliers have the same philosophy as we do when it comes to mistakes. They are going to happen every now and then. But it is how they are handled that makes all the difference. Our suppliers trust us to determine if there is a defect and will replace the material prior to us taking anything out. Kitchen Restylers matches the manufacturers warranty with a full labor warranty to cover any expenses associated with a defective product. That’s Peace of Mind!

At Newberry Home Improvement, A Typical Project Can Be Done in 1-2 Days

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