1-Day Bath Remodel Or 2-Days….. Which Is Better?

The Short Answer is we believe 2 days is better, and less expensive. There are 3 factors to consider when trying to install in just one day.


Connecting the drain and replacing the water lines and valve in the wall are typically part of a bathtub or shower replacement. How long do you check for leaks if the plumbing in the wall is covered up with the wall system right after the lines are connected.

Newberry Home believes that the plumbing lines should be checked the next day. This means, nothing is covered up until day 2. This greatly virtually eliminates leaking valves that aren’t discovered until a year later.

Quality Or Speed

Our goal at Newberry Home is to provide quality workmanship first. We don’t want our employees to rush through the job only to have to come back later to fix things. That seems expensive.

1 Day VS 2 Days

The typical 1-Day company will have two installers come out to do the work to make sure it can be completed in 1 day. Two people for one day, plus the added expense of a return trip to fix things costs more than sending one person out for 2 days and doing right the first time.